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In this video you can learn How to Rank Your Videos / YouTube Seo / Video Seo /Search Engine Optimization / 2020 (Sinhala) 01

0:00 Start Video
2:00 Introducing Seo
6:12 How to add Extensions
11:30 How to find High rank tags

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Here’s a beginners tutorial for SEO, where you’ll learn the 3 fundamentals of SEO (A.R.T.) and an introduction to the factors that influence these.

A = Authority
R = Relevance
T = Trust

Within that, there are 4 main parts:
1. Keyword Research
2. Technical SEO (not explain in video, more advanced topic)
3. OnPage SEO
4. Link Building

Keyword research is about identifying the words/phrases people search when looking for your products/services or information around them. You can usually copy this from your competitors, as shown in the video.

Technical SEO is about making your website easy for search engines to crawl, this only really matters when you’re building larger sites e.g. eCommerce.

OnPage SEO is about optimising your pages and content to be relevant to your keywords and establishing trust. The main factors you’ll start with here are title tag (important for relevance and CTR), meta description (important for CTR), URL (important for relevance), and H1 (important for relevance).

(Though, there’s many other factors for OnPage SEO, which is why I recommend a tool like Surfer)

Link Building is the final area of SEO, this is hugely important for establishing your authority, but links also play a part in relevance (how relevant are your links to your content/keyword topic?) and trust (are these links from trustworthy sources?).

If you’re lazy, you can buy links from my service and let us do this for you: https://lionzeal.com/services/

Hopefully this gives you a solid introduction into SEO, what it is, and how you can get started learning it.

What’s next? I suggest diving deeper into the 4 areas of SEO mentioned above (keyword research, technical, onpage, and link building).


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