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00:00 Introduction
04:18 Basics of Affiliate Marketing
04:52 Your Niche
07:00 Build Audience (Email List)
10:45 Clickbank Account Setup
13:52 Clickbank Account Disabled Problem Solved
16:30 Clickbank Payment Method
17:40 Find Your Product
26:10 My Product Revealed in Next Video

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Want to get started with affiliate marketing? In this video, I’m going to give you a set-by-step tutorial showing A-Z on how to select a great affiliate marketing offer, build a bridge page using my own funnel templates, set up your email marketing campaigns, and drive traffic to your affiliate offers using Facebook ads.

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First things first. How do you select a winning affiliate marketing offer?

This is WAY simpler than most people make it out to be. Simply go to your affiliate network of choice such a ClickBank, JVZoo, or maybe a CPA network, and sort the offers by best converting and best selling. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that those are the offers you will have the most success promoting.

Do you have an existing audience and/or email list you’ve built in a specific niche? Then simply choose the best converting offer in that specific niche and start learning how to sell it to them.

But the best offer converting offer in the world is only going to get you so far unless you have a predictable and repeatable system to collect leads and drive traffic to it.

We’re going to be using Facebook ads to do this. But, if you’re new to affiliate marketing or the whole internet marketing space in general, you can not just link to affiliate offers in your Facebook ads or you’ll get banned faster than you can begin.

You need what we call a “bridge page” to send them to first. The bridge page accomplishes three different things. It serves as a safe landing page that is compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies, it serves as a “pre-sell” page to qualify your leads and most importantly, it allows you to collect those beautiful email leads to market your offer to over and over again.

There are a few different types of bridge pages you can build. You can build a simple opt-in form that collects someone’s name and email, a simple one-button click-through page that redirects to the offer, or one of my personal favorites, the survey funnel which I’ll be showing you guys how to build in this video.

The survey funnel requires everyone who clicks through from your Facebook ads to go through a simple 3-step survey before collecting their name and email and directing them to your affiliate marketing offer.

Why is this beneficial? Why would you create an extra step between your lead and your offer?

Two simple reasons. It pre-sells or pre-qualifies the lead before they get added to your email list. This might mean you pay a little bit more per lead, but your conversion rates will be exponentially higher and you’re both saving and making more money on the backend. Survey funnels can also “save” unqualified leads by directing people who choose different answers to different offers.

Pretty clever right?

I highly, highly recommend you use ClickFunnels to build all of your bridge pages, opt-ins, and funnels. To get a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels so you can start right now, click here:

So what do we do with these leads after we collect them? We keep selling them through automated email marketing on the same offer until they convert. For this, you’re going to need an email marketing tool or autoresponder as it’s sometimes called.

You want to set up an email sequence of at LEAST 3-5 emails each one timed to send one day apart from each other from the time your leads opt-in from your ad. So it’s time to brush up on your sales copywriting skills, or most affiliate offers will have pre-written email templates or “swipes” on their affiliate page. You can find this page linked somewhere on the offer page or on their listing on the affiliate network.

So now you have your offer, your bridge page, and email sequence. So how do we drive traffic Facebook ads?

The key to Facebook ads is to test, let Facebook learn, optimize, and repeat. In this video, I’m going to be showing you my 1-3-3 formula which is the fastest way to go from concept to profit using Facebook ads. Which is one campaign, three ad-sets/interests, and three creatives each. Let this campaign run and optimize for at least three days. Turn off the losing assets and scale.

Once you get this down, I promise you will never be in need of money ever again. It’s time to start joining affiliate contests, scaling up your new affiliate marketing business, and becoming a USDA certified super affiliate.

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00:38 Installing Rank Math SEO Plugin
01:40 Rank Math Setup Wizard
04:03 Google Search Console Setup
07:15 How to Use Rank Math to Optimise Post
09:09 Focus Keyword
10:28 Basic SEO: Keyword in Title
12:15 SEO Keyword in Meta Description
16:45 Social Share Settings
17:23 Focus Ketyword in the URL
18:09 Keyword in First 10% of Content
18:37 Keyword in the Content & Content Length
19:25 Additional Settings, Keyword in Sub Heading
20:42 Image SEO, Alt Attributes, Captions etc.
25:33 Keyword Density & URL Length
26:55 External & Internal Links
30:39 Not used Keyword before
31:02 Title Readability
34:23 Content Readability, Table of Content
37:43 Product SEO

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