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  • March 28, 2021
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Google Search News (Jan ‘21) – crawling & indexing updates, link building, and more

In this January episode of Google Search News, John Mueller goes over recent developments in the Google Search world. Stay tuned to hear about:

0:00 Intro
01:12 Crawling and indexing overview
01:35 Crawling updates
03:24 Indexing updates
04:34 Learn more about link opportunities
05:50 Structured Data Testing Tool news

Crawling updates
Updated Crawl Stats report in Search Console → http://goo.gle/3qDGKco
Large site owner’s guide to managing your crawl budget → http://goo.gle/39NQR7E

Indexing updates
Request (re)indexing is back → http://goo.gle/39U3n5G
Index Coverage data improvements → http://goo.gle/2Nr7iiM

NeoMam Jealousy List 2020: The 28 Best Campaigns We Didn’t Produce by Gisele Navarro → http://goo.gle/35ZiUjk

New video series – Sustainable Monetized Websites → https://goo.gle/38Bz9Fj

All Google Search News episodes → https://goo.gle/37BMdaw
Subscribe to the Google Search Central Channel → https://goo.gle/SearchCentral


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