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  • March 31, 2021
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How to Get Powerful Backlinks in 2021๐Ÿ‘ 7 Link Building Strategies for SEO

Have you ever heard of a backlink?

That’s fancy jargon for something simple—

A link back to YOUR website from another website.

Here’s why you should care: Getting links back to your website is CRITICAL to Google rankings.

These links—a.k.a. backlinks—are a powerful signal to Google that your website has some clout.

If nobody links to you, Google figures your business is small potatoes… Because nobody’s talking about you.

So it’s essential, in other words, to get as many backlinks as you can—usually by asking them directly, or by making content that’s so great that other sites link to you on their own.

But what USED to work when you were trying for backlinks doesn’t work so well now…

So I want to share 7 of my best strategies—methods that are still working well—so that you can get backlinks more efficiently and effectively.

These are the same strategies that SEO experts are using in 2021, because they help you build powerful, high-quality backlinks that tell Google they should put you in the search results.

And, as you already know, more traffic means more business—so I know you’re probably itching to dive in.

Lucky for you, I prepared a video on this stuff… Check out and get started on building backlinks as soon as you’re done.

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