This video is about how to optimize your YouTube video’s performance in search with titles, tags, and your description box (SEO,search engine optimization) so you can get more views and subscribers, faster in 2020. I discuss how to make a YouTube video title, how to make YouTube video tags, and how to make YouTube video description for your YouTube channel. I discuss how to increase your video’s potential to rank in search. These tips do not guarantee you will rank highly in search, but WILL definitely increase the probability you will.

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Hello! My name is Alison. I am an American, undergraduate student who posts videos relating to the following topics:
• College and school
• YouTube 101 (tips for new YouTubers)
• Health and Fitness
• Finance (occasionally)
• Vlogs
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1. What do you use to edit your videos? Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. I actually have some editing tutorials in my YouTube 101 series if you’re interested in learning more about that 🙂

2. How do you edit your thumbnails? I use and 🙂

3. How old are you? I am a junior in college 🙂 I don’t disclose my exact age due to privacy reasons.

4. What camera do you use? I use the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 🙂

5. Why is your username “GlanzGuru”? What does it mean?
The word “Glanz” is a German word that can be translated to gloss, radiance, glamour, etc… I thought that “GlanzGuru” would be an appropriate name for this channel. Yes, I have German heritage, but I do not speak German.

6. Where do you live? I do live in the US, but I don’t disclose the exact location (again due to privacy reasons).

7. What are you studying in college? I am currently a biology major.

Thanks for watching! Xoxo, Alison ♥


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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. As always, all opinions are 100% mine 🙂

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