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  • March 27, 2021
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Ricky Bobby’s Guide to Winning at Local Link Building in 2021 | 5 Hours of Local SEO

Link building doesn’t have to be that hard task that everyone hates. When you’re doing local SEO, it’s actually pretty easy to acquire awesome local links if you know the right strategies. Forget what you’ve seen at other conferences or webinars and what you’ve read online… Most info out there on link building doesn’t apply to local SEO.
In this presentation, Greg Gifford is going to share a detailed playbook for local link building, outlining specific strategies and tactics that will help you score some awesome local links.
Hosted by Shelly Fagin. Guest experts: Olesia Korobka, Arnout Hellemans.

Slides and transcript → https://www.semrush.com/webinars/ricky-bobby-s-guide-to-winning-at-local-link-buiding-in-2021-or-5-hours-of-local-seo/

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00:00 Introduction
07:42 Google’s local algorithm looks at links differently and so should you
09:15 In local SEO, we don’t care about Domain Authority or Trust Flow
10:55 Local links are awesome because they’re hard to reverse-engineer
12:55 There are 5 basic ways to get local links
14:59 Ideas for local links
32:50 Grab free links
37:05 Q&A: Do social media links count for local SEO?
44:05 Q&A: Do those local business directories become local citations?


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