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For years now I’ve been building simple niche websites and driving traffic to them by using a very simple SEO strategy to successfully get my sites to rank in Google. And in today’s tutorial, I’m going to share that very same SEO strategy and show you exactly how to rank in Google.

Essentially, my Google SEO strategy all boils down to three steps:

1) Target low competition niches that are ripe for the picking.

By taking the time to really drill down into low competition niches and keywords that have hardly any competitors you’ll find that you have a much easier time ranking for everything. It’s something that sounds simple but you’d be amazed at how much of a difference it really can make.

2) Set up a website that actually DOESN’T suck.

By making sure that you have a good website that looks awesome and like a trustworthy authority site with *actually* useful content you will actually be able to attract the kind of natural links from other websites that get your site to page 1 of Google.

3) Promote your site on social networks.

Simply put, I then just set up profiles for each of my sites on ALL of the major social networks and then use them to promote all of the content on my site. Then because my niche is genuinely low in competition it doesn’t take long before I am able to get some initial rankings and traffic, then because my site is actually good and useful I’m able to attract even more links and social signals as people begin to find my site in Google.

And I know this “SEO for beginners” tutorial might sound overly-simple to some, but watch the video to the end and you’ll see just how powerful these SEO tips really can be. I’ve used this exact approach to rank in all kinds of profitable niches time and time again and you’ll find that many of the biggest sites in the world do the exact same thing.

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