Watch behind my shoulder as I teach you how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook Ads.

I am using ClickBank as the example network and product here, but you can use ANY product and the same idea will apply and same steps as I cover in the tutorial.

Let’s quickly go through all the steps step-by-step:

(1) Create a Facebook Ads account

👉 Simply sign up for an account at:

You do have to have a Facebook account to sign up for a Business manager account, so just go to first if you haven’t already and create your personal account.

Then head over to the website listed above and create your “business” advertising account.

(2) Select a product

👉 In our case, we are promoting a ClickBank product, so just head over to to sign up.

Make sure to fill in the details correctly – ClickBank has some triggers that can put a block on your account if the information isn’t accurate.

Then just head over to the marketplace and select a product – EZ Battery Reconditioning in our case.

(3) Create a Facebook page

Unlike Google Ads, you have to have a Facebook page to promote on Facebook.

Simply head over to your business settings, go to “All Pages”, and create a new page.

Once you do that, click on “View Page” and just fill in the blanks to make your page more appealing, such as via adding images and filling in the “About” page.

(4) Create a landing page & thank you page

Next, we have to create our landing page so that we can promote our affiliate products on Facebook. You can use any page builder you like, but I use Unbounce for their dynamic text replacement capability and flexibility in editing.

👉 Free Unbounce 14-day trial + 20% off first 3 months:

I spend some time building out the landing page and thank you page, but it’s generally pretty simple. Just check out my Unbounce playlist if you want more information about specific component of building out a page, such as adding a favicon or setting up a custom domain:


We would need to then make sure that the landing page button is taking us to the thank you page, and that the thank you page is taking users to the affiliate offer.

(5) Set up conversion tracking

Tracking isn’t easy for an affiliate, especially when doing affiliate marketing on Facebook ads.

However it is absolutely necessary because ultimately, you are paying for sales, not for clicks or impressions…

I use a very specific tracking tool (ClickMagick) that allows me to track any affiliate product.

👉 Free ClickMagick 14-day trial:

Watch the video as we go through this whole process step-by-step of setting up conversion tracking for when are ready to promote on Facebook, or any ad network really.

I also have a ClickMagick playlist here if you want to know any specific details:

(6) Set up an autoresponder

An autoresponder allows you to gather your most valuable asset (your email list/audience) while paying for traffic or reaping the results of time spent and hard work of SEO.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money when doing affiliate marketing on Facebook Ads.

You can use any autoresponder you like, but I use GetResponse and it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

👉 Free GetResponse 30-day trial:

For more GetResponse tutorials, check out my playlist here:

(7) Promote on Facebook Ads

Finally, the fun part. We are now ready to create our ads and promote on Facebook Ads.

I don’t spend too much time going over every little detail, but I do go over everything you do need to create your campaign.

I do have a comprehensive 3-hour course that covers Facebook Ads in great detail, so make sure to check it out.

👉 Full step-by-step Facebook Ads course:

But you would simply click some buttons, fill in the blanks, and that’s how you promote your affiliate products on Facebook ads!

That’s it!

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👉 Like my Facebook page!

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | UK Edition

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This affiliate marketing tutorial will help you start affiliate marketing without a website. It’s great for beginners and in a full step by step format.

If you’re a beginner, and if you want to start affiliate marketing, then I bet you’re looking for ways to do it without a website. Affiliate marketing is confusing enough, and you might not be wanting to add the stress of building a website on top of it all.

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The affiliate program I’m showing is SkillShare. SkillShare is an education platform which has over 50,000 online courses such as photography, web design, etc.

If someone wants to learn on this platform, they can sign up for a free 7-day trial. And if you refer someone via your affiliate link, you will get paid $7 for every free trial sign up, even if they don’t actually convert to a premium member after the free trial has expired.

This is probably the best way to start affiliate marketing, because you are promoting something that will pay you even if the person you’ve referred doesn’t buy anything (just a free trial).

This is great for beginners, because it can allow you to get some fast affiliate sales without waiting too long.

Best of all, we’re going to learn how to do it all with completely free traffic.


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