Welcome to the SEO nerd Digital Marketing podcast. I’m your host Michael Friedberg, founder of SeoNerd.com. Online SEO tools. Today we’re going to interview Fernando Oli, a former employee of Google. She’s going to talk about SEO. Hello, we are with Fernanda Oli. She is a results driven digital marketing specialist with years of experience in the hospitality industry working with big brands such as Marriot Intercontinental and Wyndom.

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0:10 Everyone is starting to use devices like Alexia, from Amazon, to perform voices searches. Today I’m going to share with you how you can generate more search traffic using Voice Search.

0:30 Voice Search Optimization Tip #1
So the first tip I have for you guys is to make sure your site is compatible with HTTPS framework. If a website is HTTPS, from what we found, it’s much more likely to generate traffic from Voice Search. We’ve noticed that over 65% of the results from Voice Search are from sites that have HTTPS.

0:50 Voice Search Optimization Tip #2
The second tip I have for you is to build authoritative domain. This isn’t going to happen overnight. You’re not going to be the next Forbes or Huffington Post or Business Insider, but you can still be an authority within your niche. What we found is sites that have a lot of links, a lot of amazing content, social shares, good user experience, overall, they’re an authority because they deserve too, are the ones that are getting the lions to share of the Voice Search traffic. And if you, yourself, don’t have an amazing site or amazing experience, and you don’t feel your authority, that’s okay, do something to fix it. Make your content better. Make your design better. Outreach to people who link to your competitors and ask them for a link. Go above and beyond with your marketing to be the leader. If you’re not one to be the leader, you’re not going to get the traffic from Voice Search.

1:45 Voice Search Optimization Tip #3
The next tip I have from you, and this comes from my friend, Brian Dean if you want to do well in Voice Search you need to make sure you’re website loads fast. It needs to be precisely 4.6 seconds or faster. That’s more than 50% faster than the average webpage. So if your website loads fast, you’re more likely to get the traffic from Voice Search. If it loads slow, probably not going to get that traffic. Do you know how fast your website loads? Leave a comment below. If you don’t go to Google PageSpeed, put on your website, let us know what your scores and how fast it’s loading.

2:11 Voice Search Optimization Tip #4
Last but not least, you need to have short answers within your content. Here’s what I mean by this. If you want to go after Voice Search, similar to normal SEO, pages with over 2,200 words perform better than pages that are 500 words, or 600, or 700. The more content you have, the more Google can index you for different terms, the more traffic you can potentially get. Within that content, you want to have quick short answers. For example, if rhyme writing an article that breaks down SEO and a whole beginners guide to it, maybe I’ll have a heading called, What is SEO? Then I can have a one or two sentence answer to what SEO is. That’s an example of in-depth content, right? How I can use headings in in-depth content and use short answers because that makes it easier for Google to give people the answers.

3:10 If you follow all of those tips you’ll be able to generate a lot more traffic through Voice Search. I know it’s not popular yet, I know it won’t make up the majority of your traffic, but you need to get on top of things because eventually it will become way more popular and you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to get that extra search traffic. So thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video leave a comment, like, share, subscribe, let other people know about it, and thank you very much. If I can do anything to help you let me know in the comments and I’ll respond, and I’ll try to get you the most traffic possibly from Voice Search.

This Video Represents The Short Note SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” 🌐It is the process of getting traffic🐱‍🏍 from the “free,”💯 “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines ✅

Some use full tools of SEO 2020 given Below 👇👇💯💯✅✅

1. Google PageSpeed Insights✅
Check the speed and usability of your site on multiple devices
Enter a URL, and this tool will test the loading time and performance for desktop and for mobile, plus identify opportunities to improve (and pat you on the back for what you’re doing well). The mobile results also come with a user experience score, grading areas like tap targets and font sizes.

2. Moz Local Listing Score✅
See how your local business looks online
Moz crunches data from more than 10 different sources—including Google, Yelp, and Facebook—to score your brick-and-mortar business on how it looks online. Results come complete with actionable fixes for inconsistent or incomplete listings.

3. Keywordtool.io✅
Hundreds of keyword ideas based on a single keyword
Enter a keyword, and the Keyword Tool provides a huge handful of long-tail keyword opportunities and common questions asked.

4. Google Analytics✅
Complete web stats and search insights
In addition to tracking pretty much every bit of traffic you could imagine on your website, Analytics also surfaces many keyword insights as to which terms people use to land on your pages.

5. Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools✅
Constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports
These webmaster tools help give you a taste of what the two top search engines think of your site. It’s helpful to see any bugs, alerts, and indexing issues.
Pro tip: Each of these two tools requires a bit of installation on your site. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you can add the webmaster code automatically through a plugin like Jetpack or Yoast.

6. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker✅
Comprehensive link analysis
The free version of Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker shows the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL, along with the total number of backlinks and referring domains (links from unique sites), Domain Rating (DR), and URL Rating (UR) where applicable.
Pro tip: Paste on a competitor’s website to find instant link opportunities.

7. Moz Link Explorer✅
A complete overview of your website, pages, and links
The free version of Link Explorer gives you a quick look at a full range of link analysis, including a look at the most impactful links coming your way and your most linked-to pages.

8. Google Keyword Planner✅
Know what people search for
Enter a keyword or group of keywords into the tool, and Google will return all sorts of helpful stats to guide your keyword strategy: monthly search volume, competition, and even suggested terms you might not have considered.

9. Google.com in an Incognito Window ✅
Discover auto-fill opportunities
Searching Google.com in an incognito window will bring up that all-familiar list of autofill options, many of which can help guide your keyword research. The incognito ensures that any customized search data Google stores when you’re signed in get left out. Incognito may also be helpful to see where you truly rank on a results page for a certain term.

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The Facebook algorithm, much like Google’s and YouTube’s algorithm is quite a mystery. In this video, we’ll look into the news feed, organic reach, some basic tenets of the Facebook algorithm, how it works nowadays, what Facebook takes into consideration while ranking your posts, and the future of the news feed. So lets jump right in, to demistify the mystery that is the Facebook algorithm.

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