In this video I show you step by step how you can begin with Affiliate Marketing TODAY by providing value around Affiliate Products and Services. After watching this video you are ready to get started!

I will start this video by telling what we will cover in the tutorial. Then I will explain what Affiliate Marketing is: “Promoting someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission”

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How To Get Started
So, let’s become practical. How do you start with Affiliate Marketing? You offer value around the product that you promote. What do I mean? I will illustrate it through an example. I am operational in the Web Design world so what I did was the following: I googled on most popular WordPress theme. I found out that Divi is the most used theme in the World. So I become an affiliate. Then I got my affiliate link.

And instead of Joining Facebook groups and spamming people with my affiliate link in the hope people will click on it and buy the Divi Theme I offered value around the affiliate link. How? By creating instruction videos about the Divi Theme and uploading it on Youtube with the title ‘How to Make A WordPress Website With Divi’.

So I created a 3 hour Long video with a ton of value. People started to watch my video and every now and then people started to buy the theme through my affiliate link. So I offered value around an affiliate link in the form of an instruction video and people started buying.

What else can you do? Create a blogpost about the Divi Theme and give it the title “7 reasons why the Divi Theme is the best theme” You offer value in the form of a blogpost that will help people to decide if the Divi Theme is right for them and you paste your affiliate link in the blogpost.

I am a really big fan of Elementor. A page builder just like the Divi Theme. They are competitors. So I could make a video comparing the 2 on a lot of aspects so new people can make a decision based on my comparison video or blogpost. So, you see a product you want to promote. Make sure you get an affiliate link and now create value around that product.

A how to video
A review video
A comparison video
A how to blogpost
A review blogpost
A comparison blogpost
A 7 reasons why you should get this video and blogpost

In this video I show you 10 ideas to inspire you to start with affiliate marketing in 2020. I started in 2015 and made my first $ 100.- in 2 months by really going for it. Now, 5 years later I can do this full-time and live the life that I want to. This is also possible for you. I made this video so you can get some idea how you can implement Affiliate Marketing in your business so you can start to grow your passive income!

Here is an overview of the products and services I mention:
01. EnvatoMarket
02. Lynda/LinkedInLearning
03. Udemy
04. Active Campaign
05. Kinsta
06. Kevin David
07. Shopify
08. Traffic Secrets
09. The One Funnel Away Challenge
10. Physical Products


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