Starting a YouTube channel and growing it very fast is no more difficult. You want to work from home, you have free time, you want to do something online and you want to make good money.

Only thing that was missing – A concept and powerful techniques to grow your channel in 2020.

After 8 months of experience, research and hard work, I am creating this video that can help you to become a popular YouTuber in less than a year.

You will learn Advanced YouTube SEO techniques, suggested videos optimization techniques and how to grow your YouTube channel from other YouTube sources.

My personal secret techniques and YouTube hacks that I used to grow my YouTube channel from ZERO to 80000 subscribers and 2 millions channel views in less than 8 months.

You will learn optimisation techniques for all the sources of YouTube including YouTube SEO, suggested videos and Browse features.

You will learn then secrets of YouTube that will help you to take your YouTube channel from 0 (ZERO) to 1,00,000 in less than 1 year.

You can use these techniques to grow a new YouTube channel and old YouTube chennal.

There are many other YouTube tips that you will learn in Hindi from this video. I am sure you will love these YouTube SEO tips and other methods and grow your channel.

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