What is the Super Affiliate System?

What is the Super Affiliate System? Review

super affiliate system pro
super affiliate system pro

What is the super affiliate system? It is a very popular concept, which many people consider to be a complete scam. However, this affiliate marketing system is not a scam, in fact it is 100% true!

Super affiliate system is a true system

In this article I’m going to show you exactly what the super affiliate system is, and how John crestani has made it all happen.

The Super Affiliate System by John crestani is an online tutorial/road map for affiliate marketers on how to become a super affiliate marketer. It teaches you how to create your own landing webpage, in fact it teaches you to design and build a complete landing page, before any preselling or selling module is used.

The secret to becoming successful as an affiliate marketer is to promote products that have already built up a presell page, with a single sales page. When people buy the product they are going to see a presell page with your affiliate link in it, so they will buy your product from you.


So, in the first module we are going to look at what to do in the Google AdWords market.

Super affiliate system using google adwords market

We are going to look at how to set up your Google AdWords account, and how to choose the best bidding module. We also learn how to use YouTube and how to set up YouTube advertisements. In the second module we learn how to write sales copy for Google AdWords. There are six modules, each focusing on one particular way of promoting your product or selling your affiliate products.

One of the most important concepts taught in this guide is that people are not going to purchase what you think they will, they are going to become exactly what you want them to be. So, if you are trying to sell someone some diamond jewelry and they buy fifty dollars worth, they are going to become a jewelry expert, and are not going to buy any more, no matter how much you advertise your affiliate marketing products.

You need to become a certified jeweler, and advertise to people who want to become jewelers. If you know nothing about the market and have never made a dime online before, you do not have a chance.

In the first module we learn how to drive traffic, which is done through Facebook, YouTube, and Google’s AdWords.

Learn how to get web traffic - super affiliate system

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What is the second module?


That’s right, the second module is about YouTube advertising. In this module we learn how to make videos that play within the Facebook site. There are six modules, but all of them are really good. The topics discussed in the six modules include: How to Make Facebook videos, How to Make YouTube videos, Choosing your niche, Choosing your demographic, Choosing a business model, and Getting traffic to your website.

The last module is a short marketing recap, and it covers Facebook Ads, YouTube, and Google AdWords.


Now, in order to really make money with these affiliate programs, you have to have at least six modules.


If you only have three modules, then your product will only be half complete, or even worse, you might not make as much money as you want, because you aren’t marketing to your target audience. These six modules will take you through the basics of marketing to Facebook, YouTube, and Google AdWords.

I would recommend that you take each module and read it thoroughly, because there are specific things you will learn when you learn each particular module. The final module that covers Facebook Ads, YouTube, and Google AdWords gives you a short marketing recap, including YouTube copywriting techniques, and how to write captivating ad copies for Facebook. This is the shortest module, but this is all the information you need to get started with this super affiliate system.

The last module covers what you need to do to start earning money with your own affiliate marketing business. There is a very short discussion of what to do next, and then a brief word on Crestani, and how I used their platform to become an affiliate marketer and make over one hundred dollars per day with affiliate marketing.

Once again, this is a very good module, and this gives a very brief overview. After this module, you are set up to go out and start making money with super affiliate marketing, and this is what I would recommend reading first before continuing on with this super affiliate marketing system.Take a Quiz Here

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