If you are looking to dominate YouTube SEO in 2020 to rank #1 and get more views and subscribers organically then you are at the right video, as I have several videos ranking #1 on YouTube and in this video I will breakdown my strategy & tactics using a very small YouTube ads budget to hack the YouTube algorithm and get the video to rank.

YouTube SEO – How to rank #1 on YouTube
The first point I want to share is think about creating YouTube content like writing an article, and since google owns YouTube, many of the SEO principles that work for ranking organically on google search also pass-over to YouTube.

Google SEO Principles 00:44
Content Quality 04:03
Native Search Hack 06:45
BONUS: Re-training the Algorithm w/ ads 09:08

VIDIQ Chrome Extension

Also, keep in mind that no matter how good your YouTube SEO game is, nothing beats good content that retains users.

So make good content, and use these strategies and tactics to help it rank #1 on YouTube.

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